Review of Illusions

6:51 AM

By Wanda B. Campbell

Paperback: 288 pages
Urban Books (February 1, 2009)

Illusions is the story of Denise and Pastor Bryce Hightower who seemed to have the perfect marriage. But underneath the facade they presented to their friends, family and parishioners, there was an addiction that threatened to tear them apart. Pastor Bryce Hightower has an addiction to pornography that he has kept hidden from everyone, but as the addiction grows it becomes harder and harder to hide until one day he's caught by his wife. His wife Denise doesn't understand why he doesn't consider that he's been cheating. Her mother tells her that it's just something that men do and she should just live with it to maintain her position as "First Lady" of the church. Pastor Hightower is more worried about his secret being exposed than about his wife's feelings. We watch as the marriage slowly crumbles under the strain of all the secrecy and the addiction. This book is very much about trusting God when life is falling apart around your ears as much as it is about addiction. Denise has to decide if she can live with an artificial life or if she needs to leave the marriage.

This book is very real and very heartbreaking at times. If anyone has ever gone through this, it rings very true to life. Ms. Campbell brings to life characters that are very authentic, and that the reader can relate to. The author does a great job with a subject that can be taboo among Christians, but which is very relevant today. As with any addiction people are not alone with this, but within the church these types of things tend to get hidden.This is an excellent book and I'd recommend it to everyone.

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