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Disclosure Statement

Following the good practice of others, I offer the following disclosure statement.

This is a personal weblog. The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of anyone else. In addition, my thoughts and opinions change from time to time…I consider this a necessary consequence of having an open mind. This weblog is intended to provide a semi-permanent point in time snapshot and manifestation of the various memes running around my brain, and as such any thoughts and opinions expressed within out-of-date posts may not the same, nor even similar, to those I may hold today.

No one pays me to write this blog or to say particular things in it. That includes all forms of compensation, including offering to shovel my walk or tell me that I look like I’ve lost some weight. I don’t run ads, no one pays me under the table, and I don’t sell anything on the site.

How I make money

My main form of income is Social Security Disability.

While everyone has a price that they will sell out for, mine is quite a bit higher and I don't link to a product on Amazon for the purposes Amazon Affiliate revenue.


I use Google’s Blogger for this blog and my blog "A Whole New Me" is a self hosted Wordpress blog. While the Marta's Meanderings blog is free, I have paid for a domain name for "A Whole New Me".


I don’t have any clients that pay me money.

Free books

Most of the books mentioned and reviewed, or given away on either of my blogs are usually books that have been sent to me for reviewing. I will usually mention that, but sometimes one slips through and I forget about it. I also receive books directly from authors when I am doing a blog tour for them.


I don’t think of myself as either conservative or liberal as I find that both of those labels get used to dismiss someone the other side doesn’t agree with. I tend to be too liberal for my conservative friends and too conservative for many liberals but I get along well with both. I consider myself a born - again Christian, but the term Christian works just as well.

My promise

Inevitably, I use my judgment. For example, there are times when the mention is so slight or innocuous that the disclaimer would be out of place.

All I can promise is that I will be honest with you and never write something I don’t believe in because someone is paying me as part of a relationship you don’t know about. Put differently: All I’ll hide are the irrelevancies.

If you don’t like this or disagree, leave me a comment.

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