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I'm in the process of reading this wonderful book...and I just wanted to share it with you while the author was on tour. For any woman who owns a small business or who is thinking about owning one. This book is one you should read!
Do you have what it takes to

Why do some Women make ‘Big Bucks’ in their Home Based Business and Others Don’t?

  • Is it Luck, Karma, or did they know something we don’t know?
  • MGM opens the Gift of Possibilities in this scrumptious book, The Women’s Millionaire Club.
  • MGM shares the succulent Secret SUCCESS Recipes of Twenty-One Women Millionaires.
  • Each Top Performing Home-Based Business Woman Millionaire stirred the right ingredients to mix up a batch of Million Dollar Success. You, too, can create that same luscious Million Dollar Success!
For the first time ever, MGM surveyed, assessed and interviewed Millionaire Women,from various home-based businesses, until she discovered the right combination of lipsmacking ingredients that created Million DollarSuccess. Using their easy to follow Success Recipes anyone can create delectable possibilities to Make More Money and yummy opportunities to Make a Difference using the principles of ‘Friendship Marketing’! The Women’s Millionaire Club is based on statistically validated information yet reads like advice from a friend showing women entrepreneurs how to take advantage of their feminine strengths to build and grow a prosperous and successful home-based business.

MGM opens the Gift of Possibilities so the Impossible Becomes Possible.
  • How ‘Ordinary’ women with NO Prior Experience in owning a Home-Based Business did the ‘ExtraOrdinary’-- MADE MILLIONS while MAKING A DIFFERENCE
  • The Success Ingredients ALL the Women Millionaires had that You Must Have too
Succeed in a Home-Based Business
How YOU Can Create the SAME Success whether you are a veteran, ‘newbie’ or ‘wanna be’ Home-Based Business Entrepreneur using their amazingly simple

Success Recipes to Make Money while Making a Difference
Women entrepreneurs are the fastest growing segment of the economy, starting businesses at twice the rate of men. MGM, Maureen G. Mulvaney, is the industry leader in teaching entrepreneurial women the Learned Success Traits to Succeed. When she couldn’t find a book that provided validated data about the traits, ingredients and recipes to succeed in a home-based business, MGM wrote The Women’s Millionaire Club!

Join the Club…

Women Profiled in the Women's Millionaire Club
Donna Johnson –Phoenix, AZ
Donna Johnson is a multi-millionaire girl next door. She was raised in a blue-collar family in Wisconsin. Donna’s father left when she was 13 years old, and her mother was unable to care for the family. With four brothers, Donna was forced to grow up quickly and started searching for ways to help feed the family. Today, she lives a Dream Lifestyle and creates Dream Opportunities for others to share in her success.

Marilyn & Sarah Stewart –Alberta, Canada
Marilyn and Sarah Stewart are a mother-daughter team from Alberta, Canada. Marilyn is the mother of three beautiful daughters, including Sarah. At nine weeks of age, Sarah developed health problems, which precipitated Marilyn’s search for holistic solutions. She discovered fantastic health products through network marketing companies and started using them in her 30’s. As a consumer, she never thought that her company would launch her into millionaire status. Together they provide healthy solutions and business opportunities to others seeking time and financial freedom.

Susan Walsh- Columbia, SC
As the owner of a hair salon for over 27 years, Susan Walsh has always been an entrepreneur. For the past two decades, Susan has been a force to reckon with in the network marketing industry!

She and Gary, her husband of 38 years, have lived a dream life with
their children and grandchildren. Although her story is a happy one, Susan had to overcome many challenges to be the successful businesswoman she is today. Success isn’t convenient yet Susan become a Millionaire with hard work and persistence! People flock to Susan to join her organization and learn what she shares so readily.

Author Contact Information for Interviews: Maureen G. Mulvaney, MGM -

Who is MGM?
Maureen G. Mulvaney lives up to her initials M.G.M….A Big Production.

- Author of The Women's Millionaire Club
- Founder of The Women's Millionaire Club Community and Website
- MGM is the industry Leader on the Learned Success Traits of
Successful Entrepreneurial Women.

Years ago, MGM arrived in Phoenix, AZ… Flat Broke, Jobless and Licking the wounds from a divorce. If she can Make It…So Can YOU. Let her show you 'HOW'.

Author of The Women's Millionaire Club
MGM set out to answer the simple question: Why do some women make a fortune and others don't? She assessed, surveyed and interviewed 21 'Ordinary' Women who started their home based businesses with NO Prior Experience yet they each did the 'ExtraOrdinary'-- MADE MILLIONS while MAKING A DIFFERENCE.

MGM wanted to give YOU the ingredients and recipes to learn 'How To' Do the SAME whether you are a veteran, 'newbie' or 'wanna be' Home Based Business Entrepreneur.

Discovered the Closely Guarded SECRET RECIPES of Millionaire Women for Building and Owning a Million Dollar Home Based Business.

Entrepreneurial Success Coach
MGM teaches small business entrepreneurs 'How To Attract Paying Clients, Who Become Lunatic Fans, That Refer Others.' MGM has over 25 years as an entrepreneur and small business owner. She teaches, consults, coaches and speaks to Women Entrepreneurs about the country. Call 480-759-6251 to enroll in MGM's next Intense Weekend.

Professional Speaker
MGM is:

* An internationally known speaker
* Who has graced the stages from Finland to Malaysia & everycorner of the USA
* Has spoken with everyone from Norman Vincent Peale to Ann Jillian
* Is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP).
* (Less than 10% of the 5000 plus members of National Speakers
Association have ever been able to attain this Earned CSP designation
because one must have both longevity in the speaking industry plus
outstanding skills.... MGM has both!)
* Her Clients include Amway to Arbonne, AT&T to MCI, Hospitals,
Schools, Banks, USArmy and hundreds more.

About the Women's Millionaire Club Home Based Business Success for Women

  • A website to Educate, Empower and Energize all Home Based Business,
    Women Small Business, Direct Sales, Network Marketing, MLM Marketing
    and Entrepreneurs
  • successful home based business owners and to raise the abundance consciousness thereby
    raising profitability.

  • According to the Center for Women's Business research, the number of women-owned businesses in this country grew at twice the rate of all firms between 1997 and 2002. The Small Business Administration finds that women-owned businesses account for 28 percent of all privately-owned businesses and they employ 9.2 million people. They contribute $2.38 trillion in revenue to the U.S. economy.

  • While Women entrepreneurs are the fastest growing segment of the economy, starting businesses at twice the rate of men, we seem to lag behind in the profitability.

  • The SBA found that two-thirds of women owning a sole proprietorship were married. My personal opinion is that women tend to run home based businesses, in service related fields, as stay-at-home-moms. I believe that many women only have the time to run their business PART TIME, accounting for less profitability.

  • The Women's Millionaire Club is a website to help increase profitability for women entrepreneurs by providing tips, strategies, techniques, videos, cd's, books and a community of women wanting to help other women. Even if you only work part time!

  • Get Involved…Bring your ideas, tips, and techniques to share with others. Receive ideas, tips and techniques from others. Take Action! Have Fun! Make Money! Make a Difference!
Join the Club…

The Women's Millionaire Club, by Maureen G Mulvaney, is being offered beginning on March 17th, 2009 at 12:01 am. We invite you to go to this page - http://mgmsuperstar.com/wjtc/exclusive.html - to access the order page and then go back to this page to access the
bonus page. On the Exclusive Private Invite page, enter your order confirmation code. That will allow you to gain entry to the FREE Pot o'Gold Bonus Items

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