Secrets on Lake Drive Virtual Book Tour

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Secrets on Lake Drive
by Tina Martin

Paperback: 302 pages
Publisher: Xpress Yourself Publishing, LLC (July 6, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0984527303
ISBN-13: 978-0984527304

Join Tina Martin, author of the romance/contemporary fiction, Secrets on Lake Drive (Xpress Yourself Publishing), as she virtually tours the blogosphere in August and Sept. ‘10 on her first virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book!

About Secrets on Lake Drive
Monica and Sean clash at a parent-teacher conference when Monica accuses Sean of being too occupied with making money and chasing women to take a real interest in his son’s life. But Sean is no pushover. He knows how to hold his own and deal with Monica, but after the incident at school, he’s also come to realize that he can use Monica’s devotion to his advantage. He propositions her to move into his home to babysit five-year old Roman for the three months of summer break, offering her a substantial amount of money, hoping that she’ll accept. But is babysitting the only reason he’s so anxious to get her into his mansion?
Monica accepts his offer against her better judgment, knowing the rumors of Sean and his womanizing ways.  She tells herself that she’s doing this for Roman – that she can avoid her new, sexy, summer boss – his chiseled chest, pretty green eyes and charm that just won’t quit. But after only a few weeks, Monica finds it a struggle to keep her eyes off of Sean. Can she handle staying focused on her babysitting gig for three months without being swept off of her feet by Milwaukee’s finest? Or is Sean’s game too much for the young, conservative teacher to handle?
Having been heartbroken in the past, Monica is reluctant to play this dangerous game with a confirmed heartbreaker. But it’s what she doesn’t know about Sean that she should be concerned about. Sean knows her well – too well, and it’s those secrets that have the potential to make her love him or hate him.

Read the Excerpt!
April 2004
Milwaukee, Wisconsin “Girrrl, look who just walked up in here,” Keisha ran over and whispered in my ear after her eyes caught sight of Sean Beauvais. Never mind the fact I was busy talking to one of my student’s parents. I mean, after all, it was parent-teacher conference night for Milwaukee Public Schools. Sheesh! I guess that’s what I get for having a best friend as a coworker.
Obeying her order, I looked up at him, but I wasn’t as excited as she was. Don’t get me wrong, the brother was flyy; dressed a little too over-the-top for a parent-teacher conference, but still, he was flyy. Had Keisha not told me that he had just graced my classroom with his presence, I would’ve seen him eventually. He had swagger, and his presence didn’t go unnoticed wherever he was. When he entered a room, people gave him stares like he had his own star on the Walk of Fame, and by his proud attitude, he seemed to enjoy all of the attention.
He stepped in rocking a navy blue Sean Jean pinstriped suit with a crisp white shirt, complete with circular crystal cufflinks, a frost pink necktie, and some transparent,
smoke-lens shades with white frames, probably made by Gucci or Versace. Usually I don’t call men pretty, but this man was the exception. Sean put the F, I, N and three E’s in fine.
“Mo-ni-caaa.” Keisha nudged me again, slowly enunciating my name as if I didn’t hear her the first time she called me.
I heard her, but I was busy trying to concentrate. I didn’t like distractions when dealing one-on-one with my kids’ parents. I wouldn’t care if P. Diddy stepped in the room. I took my job very seriously and Keisha knew that.
“Monica,” Keisha whispered again, this time quickly.
I looked up at her, rocking a frown in my forehead. We’ve been friends long enough for her to know what I’m saying by the look I give her. And by the look that I gave her, she knew she was bugging me, but she didn’t care. She was steering her head in the direction she wanted me to look: Sean’s direction. By her movements, it looked like the girl had snapped her neck or something…like she was working out some kinks or doing some sort of jacked-up techno dance.
I glanced up at him again as he got a little closer. Truth be told, the brother was all that and then some. The closer he got, the more his good looks became prevalent. Sean was a light-skinned black man with green eyes. I was told his mother was white and his father was Haitian. From what I could see, he stood a few inches over six feet tall with a muscular build that would make Boris Kodjoe jealous. He must have been one of those guys that couldn’t survive without going to the gym at least once a day. I would guess that he was also the type of dude to get manicures and pedicures every two weeks and use those expensive body scrubs to keep his skin radiant. Speaking of his skin, it was smooth – no blemishes or razor bumps. His hair was dark black and curly like he had some sort of a texturizer or an S curl, but it was probably his genetics that resulted in him having a good healthy head of hair. With all that good hair, I’m sure he made it a point to see the barber weekly, probably at times when he didn’t even need a haircut.
I think to call him a metrosexual would be a little drastic, but that’s the title society usually pins on men who obsess about their appearance more so than women. But in today’s world what woman wouldn’t want a man who loved to look good? Personally speaking, I sure wouldn’t want to deal with some scruffy looking man who hasn’t had his toenails clipped in ten years.
Anyway, I could clearly see he was all man. He had a strong presence in my classroom, speaking to people whom he didn’t know while walking with confidence through the crowd of curious parents with one hand in his pocket. Yep, he was definitely the pretty boy type.
I heard he was also a cocky son of a gun who didn’t bite his tongue for anyone. If he had something to tell you, he would tell you point-blank. If you didn’t like it, that was your problem. There was no beating around the bush to try and find out his disposition on matters.
I HAD ALREADY dismissed the Caucasian couple I was chatting with. Might as well had since Keisha wasn’t about to leave me alone. I should’ve slapped some sense into her, but I couldn’t do that, being a kindergarten teacher and all. What kind of example will I be to my students? I hadn’t been teaching long, only for about ten months or so, and being only twenty-four years of age, the older teachers would sometimes look at me and turn up their noses like I was too young to be a teacher. I mean, is there a rule that teachers have to be old as dirt? I didn’t think so.
“Girrrl, he’s coming over here!” Keisha patted my shoulder in a few rapid motions with the backside of her hand, while panting at the same time.
She just couldn’t let it go. It wasn’t that she was astounded by Mr. Beauvais’ good looks. Unlike me, she had a man. Keisha was the proud girlfriend of a tall, sexy, mocha brother. I was actually jealous the first time she introduced me to him. He looked like a much younger Brian McKnight, same build and everything. She just so happened to meet him down on the east side where all the college students hang out nonstop until the early morning hours. I always thought it was funny how the one night I didn’t go out with her, she winds up with Mr. Perfect, and I’m still single. I haven’t had a man since Cornelius, but whatever. Keisha and Daryl were good together; she loved him and he loved her. That’s how I know she wasn’t tapping me because she was digging on Sean.
Keisha was excited and shocked to see Sean in my class for one reason and one reason only: Sean Beauvais never showed up for any of his son’s school activities. He didn’t even bother to show up for our kindergarten rendition of ‘Goldilocks and The Three Bears’ back in January. No one was there to watch Roman while he played the teeny tiny bear, and when the play was over, Roman sat in my car for thirty minutes waiting for his father’s chauffer to pick him up.
Getting back to Keisha, I had to say something to the crazy woman. She was putting a hurting on my shoulder.
“Keisha, if you pat my shoulder one…more…freakin’ time…,” I said as discreetly as I could, ready to backslap her.
“Girl, whatever,” she replied, completely ignoring my prelude to a threat. “Looks like Roman is pulling Sean over here. I’m out.” After all that nagging to get my attention, Keisha ran like a coward and dipped in her classroom, which just so happened to be next to mine.
I watched Roman steer his father the rest of the way to my desk. Roman was my best student, and though it was rumored that Mr. Beauvais and his now ex-wife had adopted him, I swear the boy looks just like his father. When Sean finally gets over here, I’ll really get to see if there are similarities between the two. One thing was for sure. They both had those same green eyes.

My Thoughts
This was a fantastic story.  It's part romance and part mystery and will keep you guessing all the way through it. I read this book in a couple of hours, so it's not a really long one, but the writing is good and so is the story.  For me, I found my interest maintained throughout the story, and the suspense as well.  This book will definitely keep you entertained and surprise you in the end!

About Tina Martin
Tina Martin is a fiction novelist and poet. She holds an Associates Degree in Computer Technology and a certification in Accounting and is currently working as a project administrator.

Her latest book is Secrets on Lake Drive.

You can visit Tina’s website at

Read an interview with Tina Martin!

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