Michael Jackson & Farrah Fawcett

7:30 PM

OK...before I start this post let me just say that you can flame me...and I'm sure there will be some that do. This probably isn't the most popular stance to take, but it's what I'm feeling and I felt the need to express it to the world (quite possibly not the most intelligent thing, but it is what it is!)

First, let me start with the death of Farrah Fawcett. Her family and friends have my deepest sympathy. My father and uncle died of cancer and it's not a disease that I take lightly. Beyond that, the documentary that she made of her fight with cancer that was supposed to show the 'reality of cancer', was anything but that. The majority of people in this country who get cancer don't automatically get the best doctors because they are a celebrity, or have the money to fly all over the world for alternate treatments. I also found all the media coverage expressing their 'love' for Farrah to be outrageous considering for the last 20 years it seems like all they have reported about her is her outlandish behaviour, her on again off/again relationship with Ryan O'Neal, and their battles with each other. On top of that we're worshipping this woman who really hasn't done a whole lot for the last 20 years. Beyond Charlie's Angels, and a few other movies...what has she done? She had great hair so we immortalize her? And we wonder why other countries think we're a bit messed up. I feel sorry for anyone who has to battle with cancer, but there are children who die of horrid forms of cancer everyday. I feel more sorrow for them losing their hair than Farrah.

Now on to Michael Jackson. I grew up listening to the Jackson Five and watching every Michael Jackson video and being amazed at what he could do. But I do have to say that my amazement kind of died as it was revealed what a troubled man he was, and subsequently when he was accused of child molestation. I know that he wasn't convicted in court, and the pay offs made to the supposed victims might just have been a way to avoid a costly court battle, but they are still there and there are still questions.

I avoided the tv this afternoon because I just didn't want to see all of the glorifying of this man. Don't get me wrong. I feel for his children and family and friends. It is heartbreaking to lose someone so young, so suddenly. But we also know that he was taking drugs that he shouldn't have been, does he get a pass on this because of his celebrity status? Do we just forget that? I know that Michael Jackson revolutionized the music industry with his music and his dance moves. But I don't think he was a God and it troubles me to see him held up as such.

What he accomplished was phenomenol, but were his accomplishments any more important than those of fathers and mothers who are killed every day in Iraq? Yes, his children are suffering his loss and have a messy custody battle looming ahead of them, but there are children everyday who get the news that their parents aren't going to be coming back home. Is their suffering any less? I just think that our priorities are really out of whack and I find it disturbing.

What I find the most appalling is how Joe Jackson, who was abusive and exploited all of his children while they were growing up, is still exploiting Michael and milking this for everything he can get out of it. When will the family and the media refuse to give this man airtime and control of what happens in this family? That is the real tragedy in all of this.
Now, flame me if you must! :)

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