Is Your Life Worthwhile?

12:06 AM

We hear so much in the media about living a 'life worthwhile'.  What is that exactly?  I have tended to stress about whether my life  had meaning or not, fearing that it didn't.  But God has really spoken to me about that meaningful life.  We have to trust in him that each of our lives hold meaning- whether it's anything we can define by human standards or not.  God takes the smallest interactions and turns them towards his good. Imagine the small conversations we have daily that we count as inconsequential, but not God.  We have to trust that He alone can make our life meaningful in the way that truly matters. We may not understand right now, and we may never understand how our life has touched others.  God alone knows that. We just have to have faith and trust that every life has a purpose and a meaning in Gods plan. We have to quit being so influence by media and Oprah-ites that push us to find some great meaning in our lives.  All it really does is make us unhappy and wanting something intangible.  It's wonderful that there are people who are out doing great things. But greatness also comes in the life led according to God's plan, even if we don't understand it.  We just need to keep following him and trusting.

So I guess we have to determine whether we'll trust God to make our lives meaningful in ways that forward his Kingdom, or whether we'll struggle to live up to some unknown quality that society deems worthwhile. 

I'm going to relax and trust about you?

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