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Join Dean DeLuke, author of the thriller novel, Shedrow (Grey Swan Press), as he virtually tours the blogosphere September 7 – October 29 ‘10 on his first virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book!

About Shedrow 
Hardcover: 256 pages
Publisher: Grey Swan Press (August 1, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 098003776X
ISBN-13: 978-0980037760

From rolling pastures in Lexington, KY to darkened alleyways in Newark, NJ, from Manhattan’s posh ‘21’ Club to a peculiar and mysterious landfill in Eastern Kentucky, and from Saratoga Springs, NY to the tiny island of St. Lucia, Shedrow portrays a collision of characters from many divergent worlds. High society and the racing elite, medical and veterinary specialists, mob figures, and Kentucky hill folk become entangled in this unique twist on the medical thriller.
Dr. Anthony Gianni, a prominent Manhattan surgeon, becomes involved in a racing partnership as a diversion from a thriving surgical practice and an ailing marriage. The excitement builds when the partnership acquires Chiefly Endeavor, a two-year-old colt with the breeding, the spirit, and enough early racing success to qualify for the Kentucky Derby.
When a new partner with an unsavory background appears and a breeder’s nightmare becomes real, Dr. Gianni and a dedicated veterinarian must confront organized crime and solve a complex mystery that threatens to destroy both of their careers, and possibly a great deal more.

Read the Excerpt!

Gianni was seated at a metal table, his hands bound behind his back. At one end of the table stood Sal Catroni. Unlike the other man, he wore no disguise. His longish hair was slicked back neatly, white at the sides, darker on top. His brow was furrowed in a scowl, amplifying the deep frown lines between his black-looking eyes. Catroni spoke first. “You know who I am?” he said.
Gianni shook his head.
“I’m Sal Catroni, of the Catroni family, and this here is Hector. Hector was a medic in the marines. He’s here to help you with some medical treatment.”
Hector stood at least six-two, all of it solid muscle. He wore a tight white dress shirt, its silk sleeves rolled neatly to the middle of his massive forearms. A ski mask, open at the forehead, concealed his face, and his closely cropped black hair stood mostly on end. It reminded Gianni of a 1960s style flat-top cut, only not as stiff.
“Hector has some tools for you, Doc,” Catroni said.
Hector opened a clean white linen cloth, the texture of a dishrag but with a starched white appearance. Inside were surgical instruments. Dr. Gianni instantly recognized them—there was a blade handle and several large #10 blades, the kind a surgeon would use to make a long incision. It was not a delicate blade, but one meant to cut hard and fast through a lot of tissue with a single swipe. Next to the blades was a bone cutting forceps, which Gianni knew to be a Rongeurs forceps. Then there was a large pile of neatly folded gauze pads.
“Recognize those tools?” Catroni asked.
Gianni nodded
.“Well, Hector here is prepared to do a little surgery today.”

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About Dean DeLuke
Dr. Dean DeLuke is a graduate of St. Michael’s College, Columbia University (DMD) and Union Graduate College (MBA). He completed residency training at Long Island Jewish Medical Center and also participated in a fellowship in maxillofacial surgery at the Queen Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead, England.
He currently divides his time between the practice of oral and maxillofacial surgery and a variety of business consulting activities with Millennium Business Communications, LLC, a boutique marketing, communications and business consulting firm. An active volunteer, he has served on the Boards of the St. Clare’s Hospital Foundation, the Kidney Foundation of Northeast New York, and the Albany Academy for Girls. He has also performed medical missionary work with Health Volunteers Overseas.
He has a long history of involvement with thoroughbred horses—from farm hand on the Assunta Louis Farm in the 1970s to partner with Dogwood Stable at present.
His latest book is Shedrow, a medical thriller with a unique twist.
You can visit his website at or connect with him at Facebook at

My Thoughts
I'm not sure what I expected with this book, but I'm delighted to say that it was a joy to read.  It was exciting and well written, with characters that were believable.  I also found that they were characters you wanted to follow - you kept turning pages because you wanted to find out what was next.  This is a great medical thriller  - and just a plain good book!  For anyone who likes a good thriller book that will have you on the edge of your seat, then rush out and pick this one up.  I know you'll love it as much as I did!

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Here’s what critics are saying about Shedrow!
“I know nothing about thoroughbred racing, but Shedrow held me from beginning to end and made me want to learn more. Dean DeLuke is a wonderful talent, with a physician’s sensitivity and knowledge, and a writer’s deft touch with story and language. I am pleased and proud to welcome Dean DeLuke to the family of doctor-writers, and Shedrow to the ranks of razor sharp, fast-paced new novels. Shedrow is a great read–intriguing and exciting…this book moves!”
—Michael Palmer, NY Times best-selling author of The Last Surgeon and 14 other medical thrillers
“A strong debut. DeLuke paints a vivid cast of heroes and villains that leaves you guessing about the outcome and wanting more. Shedrow is one to read and DeLuke is a new writer to watch.”
—Robert Dugoni, New York Times bestselling author of Bodily Harm, Wrongful Death, The Jury Master, Damage Control and Cyanide Canary.
“DeLuke’s out-of-the gate, spare-no-prisoners portrayal of horse racing, vets, racing elite and slimy underworld mafia types leaps beyond anything being published in the genre today. From its opening pages you’ll be shivering on the edge of your seat while this thrill-ride of a debut has you chomping at the bit for more. I’m willing to bet the mortgage on a trifecta that DeLuke’s next two efforts will be just a masterful as the first. Not a win, place and show. But a win, win, win!”
—Vincent Zandri, author of Moonlight Falls and As Catch Can
International Thriller Awards panel judge for 2010
“A terrific whodunit, with characters wrapped in the singular culture that is thoroughbred racing.”

—Michael Veitch, senior turf writer for The Saratogian
“…A galloping series of twists and turns oozing with page-turning danger…this horseracing thriller is a heart pounding read.”

—Amy Wallen, bestselling author of Moon Pies and Movie Stars
“Tense from the first page, Shedrow is first-rate thriller. Dean DeLuke is a master storyteller, and the reader is happily taken on a pedal-to-the-metal thrill ride.”

—James Thayer, bestselling author of The Boxer & the Poet and eleven other critically acclaimed novels
“Dick Francis meets Robin Cook in the pages of this thriller.”

—Mary Jane Howell, Director of Public Relations for Dogwood Stable, campaigner of more than seventy stakes winners and winner of two Eclipse Awards
“Right out of the gate, Shedrow draws you into a fascinating world of thoroughbred owners with shockingly different goals. DeLuke weaves a nifty tale of ambition, deception and revenge.”
—Richard Rosenblatt, Associated Press Racing Writer

Shedrow Tour Schedule

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